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Make your direct mail messaging stick!

Flexible Magnet for Direct Mail Applications

At Magnum, we recognize the importance of advertising and marketing to the success of your business. That's why we provide multiple options that allow you to produce magnetic direct-mail pieces without adding equipment or processes. Your direct mail magnets will soon become refrigerator magnets, file cabinet magnets, and gym locker magnets that tend to "stick around" longer than paper mailed pieces. Give your message staying power with one of these magnetic options:

Thin magnetic sheeting for tip-ons

Our .012” thin magnetic sheeting is lightweight, high performance, and available with a selection of finishes suitable for various printing presses. It is ideal for use in direct mail pieces due to its lightweight construction and the ability to tip on the magnet to a carrier sheet.

LabelMag® for label machines

Our LabelMag flexible gap magnets (patent pending) are easily adaptable and run efficiently on most automatic labeling machinery. LabelMag magnets include a registration gap so that a photoelectric sensor can cue label machines to apply an individual magnet to paper card stock and other materials.

DigiMag® Duplex for two-sided direct printing

Magnum offers two-sided, printable magnetic sheeting for digital presses that can print on both sides. DigiMag Duplex is perfect for postcards, sports schedules, and other direct mail pieces. The finished pieces can send through the U.S. Postal Service.

Contact us to discuss how to make your direct mail pieces stick with flexible magnets.