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DigiMag Duplex two sided magnetic sheetingDigiMag Duplex

DigiMag® DUPLEX Two-sided Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Magnum offers two-sided, printable magnetic sheeting for digital presses that can be printed on both sides. DigiMag DUPLEX features a high-quality printable matte white polypropylene surface on both sides, offering superb ink adhesion and image quality. DigiMag® DUPLEX feeds smoothly and will print on most digital presses.

Common Uses:

DigiMag DUPLEX is perfect for postcards, sports schedules, and other direct mail pieces. It can be sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

DigiMag DUPLEX Specifications

DigiMag DUPLEX has a 17 mil (.43mm) overall product thickness. Sheet size tolerance on length and width is +/- .030" (+/- .76mm); sheet weight is approx. 0.3 lbs. (0.1 kg); Thickness tolerance +/- .002" (+/- .05mm).

DigiMag DUPLEX magnetic material is unmagnetized. Magnetize post-print using magnetizers available from Magnum Magnetics.

Note: Take care when lifting and loading DigiMag DUPLEX sheets. The magnetic substrate is heavier than paper.

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US Patent #9,440,840  |  Canada Patent #2,875,769